the room is just dark and no light shining down.  yes, i know that is how it is.
after that, that's it huh?  okay, do you think i have no feelings and just fine about it.
well, you are darn wrong and darn blind.  how can you not see it?  am i suppose to
be the one to open the windows, so that light will go through.  Letting the light in,
is one of the things i am weak with.  you have to help me or tell me if i should just leave
it dark here inside.  i thought that the light's going to shine at that time, i guess i was wrong.
nobody's fault though, we all know that, i know that.  but, why didn't you do something about it?
why didn't i do something about it?  but, then again am i forgetting that i am the person who would
just let it go without even trying.  should i just forget about all this and just
walk away?  once again, "ms. i am too scared to say what i want to say, too weak to do
what i want to do, ms. i'm scared to show you and let you know" prevails!  

... Lite Blue Water