Lite Blue Water
I thought I saw you look at me,
I thought I saw you stare.
Do you know I think you're cute?
I like the look you bare.
Are my eyes deceiving me,
when I see you standing there?
Are you playing tricks on me,
just to prove I care?

Are you an illusion,
is it only in my mind?
Do you look at me,
as I do to you,
to see if you can find
a little but of interest,
a stolen glance your way?
Will you come and talk to me,
or watch me day by day?

You may have taken notice
that I'm not very shy.
I like to tell my girlfriends
when I like a certain guy.
I do not mean to scare you,
but I've thought of you a lot,
and I now simply want to know,
do you like me, too---or not?